Collection: Yang-Bum (Treasure Vase)

Yang-Bhum is an ancient tradition, which came to Tibet with the introduction of Buddhism. For many centuries the Yang-Bhum has been well known and greatly respected for its sacredness, both the vase and its contents, and for the benefits it bestows. Basically, there are several different traditions of Yang-Bhum in Tibet. Namgyal Monastery has prepared two forms of the Yang-Bhum, that of the White Mahakala and that of the White Zambhala, with our unique traditional rites and rituals based on sacred Buddhist texts.

The Yang-Bhum should be kept in a clean and elevated place such as an aldtar, and treated with the same respect as you would treat other spiritual objects such as Buddha images. it should never be put on the floor and the five colored cloths, covering the lid of the vase, must never be removed. Preferably, you should make a wooden box in which too place it in order to keep it safe and clean. The vase should not be placed facing an extenal door, it should face the interior of the house. You should place an eight-petailed golden lotus beneath the vase. This can be a ddrawing made with golden ink on cloth or paper.